what is herpes?

Herpes is a sexually transmitted illness that is caused by a virus called herpes simplex virus. Some of the Patient which are suffering from this  condition exhibit some external symptoms while others are not aware they have this virus. Patients will show symptoms ranging from blisters to fever and vomiting.
Herpes  is a chronic disease, the question that is asked by most people is How do we get rid of herpes?

Two main areas of the body are being affected by this virus, and consecutively we have two types of herpes : genital and oral herpes. While genital herpes most affects the private parts while oral herpes affects the mouth and lips. The Herpes virus is mostly passed from one person to another by sexual contact. Patient which suffer from genital herpes suffer from reddening and itching of the private parts

How to get rid of herpes?

Currently there is no way to get rid of herpes, but there are many medications which were introduced in the market and can east the situation .Recent research that have been conducted in the last years,  Sparkle hope for finding cure for this virus. Researchers have come up with immune  cells that stop the spread of herpes simplex type two. This research is headed by   Dr. Carey Corey which is internationally renowned for his studies regarding viruses. 
The immune cells also known as the T-cells engulf the herpes simplex virus thus preventing  it from further spreading and reproducing. According to Corey the herpes simplex virus regenerates itself on a weekly basis as opposed to the other researchers who claim it is being done on an annual basis. 

How to get rid of herpes with natural means
A healthy lifestyle is an important element in dealing successfully with herpes attack. In the context of a proper diet should be reduced or even avoid foods rich in the amino acid arginine as fish, nuts and chocolate almonds and increase lysine-rich foods (beans, soy, spirulina, tomatoes, carrots, brewer's yeast, apples, pears, celery, eggs). In addition there completely avoid artificial sweeteners (researchers has proved contact between them and the development of herpes), have to abstain or at least reduced to caffeine nicotine and alcohol, and most importantly has to manage the stress and anxiety levels minimal because emotional stress accelerates the onset of attacks herpes and melons must get rid of them quickly.

Want to ease the pain and blisters look? Here there are two natural remedies are recommended. The first is tea tree oil to disinfect the infected skin area and ensures protection against secondary bacterial infection. The second essential oil recommended in the context of a herpes outbreak is Melissa oil calms the skin and has been scientifically proven as anti - virus. You can get lemon balm oil also applied topically in the form of a paste. There are also those who recommends rub oregano oil on the wounds due to various anti-viral and however we recommend actually drinking Organic Herbal Tea, Thyme and moss facials against herpes.